So often when we think about or consider homeschooling we focus on the child – what will they learn, when will they learn, where will they learn, how will they learn...

However, in the first year of homeschooling more times than not, a large portion of the learning is done by the parent. It takes about a year for you to get into your homeschool groove.

Becoming a teacher does not happen overnight.  And it can be difficult to navigate the state education requirements, decide on a curriculum, the list goes on.

Being a parent and a teacher simultaneously can be overwhelming, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Just remember to be patient with your child – but also with yourself.  This is no easy thing you are doing.

There is work to be done, but it can be an enjoyable experience for you and your child.  Teaching/Learning does not have to be dull! The beauty of homeschool is that you can custom fit it to you and your child.  The key is not to be afraid to change something if it is not working.

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