To Join CCHEA you must:

  1. Fill out the online registration form including all required fields.  Our website is private and password-protected and only members can see this information.  Your private information will never be sold or shared outside of the CCHEA, or MHEA (Mississippi Home Educators Association) our parent organization.
  2. Make payment of annual membership dues of $30 before the Kickoff meeting, to be announced, $35 after the kickoff.
    1. Payment may be made by one of the following methods as follows:
      1. Via Stripe Directly on the site at the time of registration.
      2. By Check - payable to CCHEA and mailed to CCHEA Treasurer, P.O. Box 3222, Gulfport, MS 39505
  3. Agree to membership requirements as follows:

* Understand that although CCHEA does not require a Statement of Faith by members, we are a Christian group and will run according to Christian principles.  We do require you to read our Statement of Faith and acknowledge that you have done so.

Read the CCHEA Statement of Faith

* Read and agree to abide by the CCHEA Code of Conduct.

Read the CCHEA Code of Conduct

* Read and agree to the Terms of Service.

Read the Terms of Service

We recommend that members also join HSLDA (, and a group discount is available if you are a member of CCHEA and then join HSLDA.