To become a member of CCHEA you MUST Agree to the following:

  • Understand that although CCHEA does not require a Statement of Faith by members, we are a Christian group and will run according to Christian principles. We do require you to read our Statement of Faith and acknowledge that you have done so. Read CCHEA Statement of Faith Now
  • Read and agree to abide by the CCHEA Code of Conduct. Read CCHEA Code of Conduct Now
  • Understand that it is your responsibility to check e-mail and website weekly or enough to know what is happening with the group.
  • Keep your information on the website current - especially contact information.
  • Prayerfully consider helping others in the group by volunteering if needed and pursue opportunities to connect with others through means provided by the group.
  • Understand and agree that CCHEA is not a legally organized corporation, and therefore has no officers or insurance. In all group-sponsored activities, attendees and members assume liability for their own actions, will not hold group leaders liable and will rely on their own insurance or other means to cover any accidents which require treatment for themselves or their children.