What is the CCHEA policy on childcare?

It is the standing policy of CCHEA not to provide childcare, babysitting, or other services to children during official CCHEA events or activities sanctioned or sponsored by CCHEA. Parents with children attending officially sponsored events are totally responsible for the actions and behaviors of their own children and the children must be under their control at all times.

How do I submit my ideas, offer a trip, class, or activity?

Don't wait for some else to plan it - you can do it!!!! To add your event to the Calendar, go to you Profile click Events. Under "My Events" click Add New. After Administrator approval, it will be added to the CCHEA Calendar.

We welcome your ideas and are eager to hear from you! Call or e-mail any Steering Committee member. 

Disclaimer: Unless expressly indicated otherwise, it is the standing policy of CCHEA not to support, endorse or fund group field trips.  The organization of these field trips is encouraged and recommended BUT they are carried out by private individuals who have a specific interest in forming, funding and promoting them.  The network of CCHEA members may be used by members in good standing to advertise and promote their field trip provided no affiliation or indication of direct support by the CCHEA organization is advertised.

How do I become involved in CCHEA?

  • Attend CCHEA functions. Community involvement and interaction is an important part of CCHEA.  We all have common interests and goals, homeschooling our children! We want every member to be active and participart in every event and activity possible!
  • VOLUNTEER!! We are 100% volunteer based.  We love volunteers!  Even if you can only do a small thing, it makes a big difference.
  • Submit and/or share your ideas!  You can submit an idea to us here or share your idea in the group here.  We are always looking for fresh ideas for the group.