What kind of paperwork does the state require?

By September 15 of each year, parents are required to submit a certificate of enrollment for each child age 6-17 by September 1. (If you have children older or younger, you are not required to submit a certificate for them.) the certificate card available from your city or county attendance officer should include the names and address of the parents, the child's name and date of birth, and "a simple description of the type of education the children are receiving."You are not required by law to give your child's Social Security number. The card must be returned to the school attendance officer.

In the event, the child has been enrolled in a public or private school, a certificate of enrollment must be filed with the local attendance officer within 15 calendar days after the first day of the school year for the school district where the child resides. The parents may at a later enroll the child in a legitimate home instruction program and send the certificate of enrollment to the school attendance officer.

Parents, guardians, or custodians of a child who are found in violation of this law are given 10 days after receiving a written notice to comply with the law.

Can anyone home school in Mississippi?

Yes. any parent is permitted by law to teach his or her own children in a home instruction program. The state has a minimal amount of regulation that families must follow to legally home school. A legitimate home instruction program is defined as one that is not "operated for the purpose of avoiding or circumventing the compulsory attendance law."